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Google Code-In : My Open Source Journey

How It Began…….

It all started one afternoon in the last week of November 2019. I was just generally browsing the internet when I came across the Google Code-In website. I must confess that it was not actually such a coincidence as I was at the time looking up for information on the Google Science Fair. At the time I did not pay much attention to the code-in but it stayed at the back of my mind. Then around 3rd December the date rang a bell and I decided to go back to the website and see what this competition was about, and I must say it has and still is one of the best things I have ever been a part of. This journey has been one of the best ones I have been on.

The Journey & FOSSASIA…….

When I began the Google Code-In I had absolutely no knowledge about HTML,Java, CSS and the like. I did not even know what open source was, let alone its development. But this journey on Google Code-In has transformed that for me. And a large part of this learning curve for me has been FOSSASIA, my partner organization. At the beginning of Google Code-In we were meant to choose organizations to work for and develop for, and I of course chose FOSSASIA as it seemed to work predominantly on websites( I thought at the time though it turned out to be much more). And so I began. I began solving tasks daily and soon it became more that just winning that Google t-shirt. It changed from being motivated for a prize to just being motivated and hungry to solve issues and problems using the power of technology.

I soon became fascinated by FOSSASIA and it’s technology ventures. I was surprised as to how an organization could range from working and developing on a pocket sized version of a full-fledged science lab in the form of an app to making a fully functional AI based bot to work on websites. It just goes to show that however difficult things seem, if someone is passionate and motivated enough, he or she can pursue what they wish to. Today it has an immense number of ventures ranging from science labs, to AI bots to even event organizers. Added to this is the fact that all of its applications are available both online on the web as well as mobile applications.

SUSI.AI Web Client :

PsLab(Pocket Science Lab) :

Apart from the Google Code-In, FOSSASIA is also involved in other technology ventures to promote open-source development around the world including Google Summer of Code(GSoC). It also hosts its own annual online open source challenge called the Codeheat Challenge. This online competition has received immense popularity in past years. 700 registered in the Codeheat contest 2018/19 and learnt how to participate in the FOSSASIA developer community. More than 2000 pull requests were merged during last year’s contest. Participants also submitted scrum reports, wrote blog posts and created entirely new projects in the FOSSASIA community.

Signing off……..

Well my journey has just begun with FOSSASIA through the Google Code-In and I hope it proves to be beneficial for the both of us. So here’s to wishing the best of luck to both of us………..

FOSSASIA Website :


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