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An Interview With a Teacher

Open Source Development has been one of the most memorable challenges that I have taken up in recent years and has been one of the most exhilarating experiences but now its time to glance over the views of others not in this field. For the purpose of this interview I chose to speak to my computer science teacher Mr. Mukesh Kumar who teaches at Delhi Public School R.K. Puram.

The Interview……

Me : What is your name sir?

Teacher : My name is Mukesh Kumar. I am a senior teacher at Delhi Public School R.K. Puram.

Me : Sir what are your view on Open Source Development ?

Teacher : I believe that Open Source Development is a way of learning to work in a community without the disadvantage of work pressure and stress. I believe that Open Source gives everyone an equal chance to polish and develop their skills by working on real projects.

Me : Sir, what do you feel about Google’s initiative in the form of Google Code-In?

Teacher : I believe that the Google Code-In is one of the most well rounded programs to encourage students into the field of computer science and open source development. Furthermore being able to interact with a like-minded peer group also makes the process fun and interesting.

Me : Sir are you aware of the an organization names FOSSASIA ?

Techer : Yes I am. I believe they are an Open Source Development Organization that build a plethora of applications in various fields. In fact I believe that applications like SUSIAI and PSLab are great initiatives by them.

Me : What do you feel about Open Source Organizations like FOSSASIA and the like ?

Teacher : I believe in the current scenario of technological development and in the future, open source organizations are going to lead the technology sector due to their fast and active developer communities. I also believe that suck organizations are together helping to make Open Source Development more of a technological culture.

Me : Sir in case you could give students advice regarding Google Code-In what would it be ?

Teacher : I would request all students to not make this opportunity a wasted one and to use this platform to develop their skills as well as possible as Google Code-In provides a learning platform like no other working with actual organizations.


Google Code-In :


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